It’s imperative we all learn to fail in life if we wish to truly wish to succeed. Set GOALS, make documented plans to achieve them and become the person you wish to be.

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Elderly day-care, in a primary school.

YEP have the absolute pleasure of working with this amazing client school in Ilford, Essex. Downshall Primary is believed to be the first ever U.K. Primary School to host regular "day care" for the elderly. Empowering Youth and elderly at the same time, simply amazing!!

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Sarah Louise Youth Empowering Programmes

YEP are so excited to form an exciting partnership with Sarah Louise, and even more excited to promote the launch of her Mini Vibes Program – bringing music to life. Parent and child music sessions (9-months – 4 years).

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Glad’s House 10-years Anniversary

Our YEP team were so privileged to spend the day with the Glad’s House team and their guests at Lingfield Park Racecourse celebrating 10-years of making a difference.

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Amanda Boyce Youth Empowering Programmes

YEP are so excited to form an exciting partnership with Amanda. She is currently putting together a healing program for a youth empowerment scheme to be run in schools and has already worked with year 6 pupils at Langenhoe Primary School, offering meditation and healing in a bid to help relax youngsters in the face…

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Hayley Vingerhoets Educational Psychologist (EP)

Empowering article by Hayley Vingerhoets, this bright little spark will be a fully qualified educational psychologist (EP) summer 2018 – exciting times ahead Hayley Vingerhoets Educational Psychologist (EP) PDF

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Re-Cycle Program

YEP are excited to share yet another of our newspaper articles. Our Managing Director has this compelling desire to help children, Youth and families get from A-B more successfully – so if you have an unused bicycle and wish to help then have a read. If you’re a school, organisation or just someone with a…

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Help kids reach their true potential

YEP are so excited to share an honest, compassionate and brave article with you. Our Managing Director (Michael John Vingerhoets) has come a long way, on what he would describe as a ‘colourful’ journey – life’s not always been a bed of roses for him yet he’s never given up on his dream of creating…

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