Welcome to YEP's Wheel of life interactive programme

The Wheel of Life helps children and young people (and adults) to reflect on how they feel about different areas of their life. This interactive programme supports you to identify what is going well for you, as well as aspects of your life that could be improved to achieve a healthy and positive balance. The Wheel of Life is designed to increase one’s awareness of what is working and what isn’t so that GOALS can be set. This helps to improve overall happiness and life satisfaction.

You can review your Wheel of Life as often as you like and use it as a helpful tool to monitor your progress. YEP suggest returning to the Wheel of Life programme after three months to monitor the different aspects of your life and review the impact of GOAL setting and the Wheel of Life programme.

Not only does the Wheel of Life help you reflect on your life satisfaction, it supports you to set GOALS and provides you with a visual representation of where you are currently at. This can be used as motivation to move from A to B and achieve the GOALS you have set yourself. Why not create a vision board to help you imagine what your future could be?

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