YEP have formed an Empowering partnership with Glads House  and are determined to help children and young people in Kenya get from A to B more successfully.


Our GOAL is to create footballing facilities for the homeless children & young people in Mombasa, Kenya ✅This funding will be used for new goals, nets, corner flags, balls, football, kits, goal keeper gloves and even a coach to organize matches and events ⚽️✅

Yep Games will be an ongoing program over the next 5-years (2017-2022) to help support, encourage and motivate these children & young people and show them a better life and help them set future GOALS ⚽️✅

If you wish to make a donation please click here and be directed to Glads House  donation page, and please quote ref: YEPGAMES17 in the message section. Donations as small as 50p will make a difference in a positive way.


Imagine if as a child, you had never had the chance to play games or enjoy sport with your friends. Imagine if every day was a struggle for survival, living on the street with only drugs or alcohol as a means of escape. Imagine those in a position of trust that should be taking care of you, were those who abused you.

It is almost impossible to imagine. But this is life for the children and young people living on the streets and on dumpsites of Mombasa, Kenya. The number of children and young people living on the streets of Mombasa is unknown but we do know it is in the thousands. The children and young people Glad’s House support live in conditions which are incredibly challenging. They spend their lives in a daily struggle to eat and find shelter.  Many use substances to deal with underlying issues.  They have no home, no school and no family other than their ‘family’ on the street.

Yep have created a partnership with Glad’s House, which are a UK registered charity working in Mombasa, Kenya to support the thousands of children and young people living and working on the streets. The charity’s aim is to support as many of the city’s homeless children and young people as possible and create opportunities for some of them to leave the streets and move into a save home environment with access to education, employment and/or training.

Glad’s House supports homeless children to leave the street and enable them to successfully stand on their own two feet with support every step of the way. We aim is to provide a safe place for many of these children, away from the street. In doing so, the children will have the opportunity to enjoy a real childhood while being prepared for a productive and self-sufficient adulthood.


Glad’s House also supports children and young people in prison through football coaching, life skills sessions and counselling. Glad’s House aim to change the experiences and constant violation of rights that children and young people endure within the Criminal Justice System; lobbying local and national government to prevent children being persecuted and arrested for the ‘crime’ of being homeless, ensure they have legal representation after arrest, and stop incarceration without sentence.

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Your kindness and generosity will help shape the future of our children’s lives and make the world a safer place ✅


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